Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art Nouveau Salome

Salome (1925) by the British artist Charles De Sousy Ricketts (1866-1931). Ricketts worked mostly as a book illustrator and was a celebrated stage designer. Here he shows Salome in the best Art Nouveau manner. The painting is much more a symbolic arrangement than a historical painting.


  1. Interesting. Virtually every painting of Salome I've ever seen includes the head of St. John the Baptist on a platter! At least I can't find it in this image.

  2. That's more or less right, because the head on the platter indicates Salome, distinguishes her for example from Judith.

    But also very popular were the dancing scenes, and because the dance happened before the beheading, there couldn't be a head.
    In my blog there are no heads on the Salome-paintings by Robert Henri, Gaston Bussière, Aubrey Beardsley and I will post more.

  3. Judy...I stumbled on your blog somehow a while back and was completely enthralled with it. I enjoy it so much that I've nominated it for the bloggers Sunshine Award. You put so much into it and your research must be extensive that you deserve it. Just go to my blog and retrieve it.

  4. Thanks a lot Lokelani.
    But there is not so much special research. Because if you are interested in art history (especially pre 20th century) you will stumble upon these women frequently.