Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Perfect Nude

Lot and his daughters by the Flemish manierist painter Jan Massys (c. 1509-1575).

One more of Massys’ perfect nudes. It’s interesting to compare this painting with his Bathsheba. The similarities are evident. Both paintings are mere constructions around that perfectly painted nudes, the burning Sodom and the mother in the back provide the historical background.


  1. In your short narrative of this painting, you did not mention what those daughters were up to in the painting. Why was the one bare breasted in her father's lap and the other feeding him? Why they both seduced him. I found that to be a tad shocking when I came across that ditty of data. However, there is a lot more where that story is recorded so.... BTW I just found your blog tonight and methinks I will visit regularly. I have added you to one of my blog rolls so you don't get lost in the shuffle. Smile.

  2. Thanks for the interest. I didn't explain the story of Lot and his daughters because I have already posted some with the same subject and explained it along with the first painting.
    Don't want to repeat the same stuff. I think it's better to concentrate on the different interpretation of the artists.
    Best you try the label "LOT".