Monday, June 14, 2010

Modern Jezebel

Jezebel is probably the most villainous women in the Bible, she worshipped false gods, manipulated the people of Israel and was above all famous for her promiscuity.

So it may be a little surprising to find a modern lifestyle magazine using the ancient myth of the seductive and evil Jezebel as a kind of brand. But I like especially Paris Hilton on the cover as a modern cheap edition of old Jezabel.


  1. Very well seen, Judy.
    The name chosen is really strange. But eventually, along with the image, it's fun. Do you think Paris knows the biblical character?

  2. Despite I don't estimate Paris' education very high, I think in the US you can trust in a good religious teaching. So it could be that "Jezebel" sounds at least a little common to her.